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Patient Testimonials

Dear LeAnne and Keith, Thank you for the excellent service, given with a caring smile. I was very comfortable with the whole process. You never made me feel that I was deficient or damaged. Your concern was for my benefit not yours. I left feeling I could return at any time for assistance without any apprehension. There was an atmosphere of friendship and caring from the moment of my arrival at your office. I hope others will find the same when you greet them. Thank you so very much. B. Valet
Le'Anne's concern is so very sincere. I have full faith in her hearing examinations and recommendations S. S.
I began using my Phonak hearing aids nearly 2 years ago. I have had tinnitius since I was 15 and it was getting very loud and distracting. Wearing my aids and using the white noise program when things are quiet has really helped with the distraction of tinnitus. The tinnitus is still always there but better hearing has trained my brain to be less distracted by it. Two weeks ago I had my complementary hearing check and my hearing has been stabilized. I am hearing better and am less distracted by the tinnitus. I am very happy with the service and support I have received. Thank you. Sincerely, Duane Ellis
I so appreciate all of you! Thank you for the outstanding services I have received! G.H. from Newport, OR.
Thanks for being a great audiologist I can turn to. Dr. Todd Lansburg
I have been so impressed by you, Keith, and all your office staff (Jill and Velma). It is fabulous to have both expertise, integrity of service, and fun friendly people to help with hearing loss. Your cues and suggestions have been so valuable for Mom. It mad things so easy! Thank you. I recommend you to everyone because I am so impressed with how you care for everyone’s best. You’ve brought sound back to my Mom! Thank you sincerely! Susan Casey and Louise Chaffee
Le'Anne & Keith are the best. I always get great service from them. They have the best prices and the best service - they always give great service. I would not go to anyone else. D. DeSau
I just want to express my appreciation for Keith Marquand excellent service. He made repairs to my broken hearing aid and the cost was very reasonable. He has a professional and yet friendly style. He is also conscious of the patients needs and strives to meet them. Brian Lohr from Newport, OR